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Empower Network Review

Let’s face it, 90% of the reviews out there are garbage…

It’s either someone who knows nothing about Empower Network trying to get you in their deal or it is someone who is in Empower Network who isn’t making any money so they are writing unhonest, hyped-up reviews.

Oh yea, I said unhonest. No shame in it, either.

So, I come from a unique standpoint: I joined Empower Network over a year ago and have seen decent success (after struggling for the first six months)

[YOU]: Define “decent”.

[ME]: Enough success to have a $4500 day, multiple thousand dollar days and quit my former 9-5 job, but that is not the purpose of this review.

Look, that doesn’t mean I am on board with everything the Empower Network is all about.

I want to talk strictly about the Empower Network as a company and opportunity. I value your time and I know you are tired of the vague and nebulous Empower Network reviews out there.

So let’s get right to it…

First of all…What is it?

Empower Network is an aptly-titled system for helping new businesses and marketers make money on the internet.

The online marketing world is a complicated one.

You probably know the drill: web site design, service provides, search engine optimization techniques, split testing, email marketing, traffic analytics, [insert 500 more techy terms here].

The Empower Network is a new approach to the chaos and convolution of modern day online marketing that works smarter – not harder – in promoting strategies and services that can cut down marketer workloads to a few hours a day.

They provide the training and resources – the crucial 20% that provide over 80% of the results – in the online world.

Here are my honest reviews of the Empower Network products:

Empower Network Products Review

The Empower Network has 5 products that affiliates can make 100% commissions with – excluding the Master’s Course.

Product #1: Viral Blogging System

Cost: $25/mo + 19.99/mo affiliate fee

Value Rating: 9 out of 10

The Viral Blogging System is a product that will instantly get you an optimized blog that ranks well and sucks leads out of people. Pretty awesome, actually.

(Note: I had a single blog post on the Viral Blogging System that has made me well over $5,000 because a person read the blog post then bought all the products and continues to pay $125/mo)

This blogging system was designed by marketers, so it is exceptional at garnering leads in an unobtrusive way. With the launch of Empower Network 2.0 (ENv2) the blogging system will be able to manage multiple domains, have different content segmenting (so you can send emails and content to different people on your list depending on what products they have bought) and full integration with a smartphone app.

Essentially, you will be able to blog and communicate with your prospects with your smartphone – across multiple domains.

Product #2: Inner Circle Membership

Cost: $100/mo

Value Rating: 7 out of 10

A membership to the Inner Circle offers training in many areas, but I feel like it mostly addresses your mindset. This is crucial, as the mind is your most important part to your business.

Inner Circle membership is the leadership voice of the platform’s best earners. Essentially, a top-earner will come on the phone line each Monday and drop gold nuggets to everyone. The Inner Circle membership gets you access to these calls, along with an archived digital audio copy of each call.

I am going to be real, a lot of the calls are somewhat “hype” and lack substance. You know, the founders come on and tell the same stories over and over again. It still is good to train your mind, but this will not be your nuts-and-bolts training.

Or your “meat and potatoes training”, if you will (there is my Idaho plug right there)…

I wouldn’t recommend going through the entire archive of audio from start to finish. I would recommend starting with the most recent and moving back, only listening to the dated audios when you are running errands, exercising or commuting to and from work. It makes a huge difference to feed your mind these positive messages every day, but don’t turn to the inner circle audio as your internet marketing blueprint.

Product #3: Costa Rica Intensive

Cost: $500

Value Rating: 5 out of 10

The Costa Rica Intensive is the third product, and it is a series of videos of a mastermind retreat that was put together by David Wood a year and a half ago. Topics addressed include outsourcing, SEO, building teams and mapping out your future. The course is impressive, but it needs to be outdated, and I am sure this course will be updated within the next year.

I always tell my teammates to go over the next product, 15k Formula, before watching the Costa Rica Intensive.

Product #4: 15k/mo Formula

Cost: $1000

Value Rating: 10 out of 10

The $15k/mo Formula is the best internet marketing training on the internet.


I have been trained at a large, nationally-known SEO agency, scoured the internet marketing forums for years and I have never seen anything like this. The 15k Formula is your nuts and bolts of internet marketing. It is a series of recorded webinars where top earners (guys and girls making 30k-100k/mo with Empower Network) come on and reveal what they are doing in explicit detail.

Like, over-their-shoulder webinar style.

Topics covered include blogging, email marketing, solo ads, paid advertising, and search engine marketing.

Product #5: Master’s Course

Cost: $3500

Value Rating: 9 out of 10

The Masters Course was produced for the big leagues.

It is a detailed course that goes over scaling your internet marketing empire. Only the top 10-15 producers of Empower Network are showcased in the videos, and they share (usually with a whiteboard) their secrets at an undisclosed location in Costa Rica.

Although this course is baller status, it is not newbie-friendly and only applies to folks already making $10,000/mo in Empower Network.

Empower Network: The Pros and Cons

Behind the dozens of consumer reviews, marketer testimonies and webinars from David Wood himself lies a surprisingly practical service that actually outlines its core strategy throughout its promotional press releases (called the 8 Core Commitments), doing away with the obscurity that blurs legitimate services from scams.

Empower Network will teach marketers how to focus their time on income-producing activities, which is a novelty in a marketing field inundated with terms like ‘earned media’, ‘social media expert’, ‘internet guru’, networking’ and other nebulous words that beat around the bush of the marketer’s main goal — generating online income.

Empower Network’s gameplan helps marketers narrow their attention to amassing traffic, capturing leads and generating sales.

Eliminating all the other of internet clutter has proven to be successful for tens of thousands Empower Network affiliates who have already made commissions.


The simplicity of Empower Network is a welcome relief from the convolutions of traditional online marketing, and it’s clear mission statement should help to sway weary investors and consumers who know to avoid the empty promises of false products and false success prophets.

David Wood also has an established history as a successful affiliate and networking marketer, adding to the credentials of the product. Often times in life our success can start with what kinds of mentors we are associating ourselves with. In this case, the Dave’s over-deliver.


Empower Network isn’t going to work for everyone.

The simplified approach and truncated work days position the platform as the every-man’s key to success — and several press releases have probably claimed as much, but Empower Network still requires a degree of faith that few people are comfortable having with their business. It requires people to not have self-limiting beliefs. It invites people to let go of their past. Consumers who don’t have an empty cup (an open mind) probably should not get involved with Empower Network. This is the vast majority of humans.

So, is Empower Network Legit?

The internet has not felt a movement (at least in the marketing industry) like this before. Google “Empower Network” and you will see that it is a climbing beast.

Even better, look at the Google Trends. Since their launch, their global presence only gets larger with time.

However, the Empower Network is not for everyone.

An investment is required, and most people only like to seek out “free information”.

Furthermore, an invitation is extended for people to make lifestyle changes that will help them tap into their sub conscience resources. Most people do not like to make changes, because they are comfortable where they are at in life.

For the hundreds of six figure earners in Empower Network, this has been a gateway to financial prosperity for their families and loved ones.

And for the person who has an empty cup (willingness to learn) and an unwillingness to quit, this has been the internet revolution for financial prosperity.

(Remember, you only need the blogging system and the merchant account to get started. $25 + $19.99/month)

Company Overview: Empower Network LLC

Empower Network LLC was founded by 32 year old millionaire David Wood (along with co-founder David Sharpe), a networking and affiliate marketing wunderkind who developed his own system of digitized ‘empowerment’ to counteract the increasing work demands and failing success rates of the internet marketer.

Empower Network philosophy is that phone prospecting has created a “shell game” that distracts hard working marketers and online businesses from actually making money online.

And, obviously, their philosophy is about investing time and resources into platforms that are going to monetize their business into a financial success story – instead of investing time in the ‘corporate scheme’.

Empower Network is different.

Empower Network immediately surrounded 1 million in commissions as soon as it launched in October of 2011 and paid out over 50 million dollars in the following two years, bringing in over 100,000 people and debuting a new community – you could call it a cult – of online marketers that challenges the establishment with less work turning out more profit.

A revolution was started.

And when you mix this up with the most ludicrous compensation plan in the game (you gotta see it), things get a little crazy up in here.

Sorry, that’s just me trying to sound cool.

If you are down to ride, saddle up.

“But, Jeremy, what about all the negative reviews from trolls I see all over the Internet?”

You’ll see with any big movement, the negativity follows. And usually, someone else is just trying to get you into their deal.

In other words, using negativity to lead people into their business.

Always remember: in life, as in sports, the boos always come from the cheap seats.

I’ve cracked the ‘free traffic’ code,

(notice my Google rankings???)

if you will, and the blueprint is here for the taking.

Get started with me.

Thumbs up.

Your internet marketing coach,

Jeremy Page


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