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Empower Network Blogging System

When you join Empower Network for $25 as an affiliate, you get access to your own authoritative blog on the empowernetwork.com domain. You don’t have to install anything. You just get your own extension of their website, or Empower Network blog. So, it would be empowernetwork.com/ yourusername.

Empower Network BlogNow, all you “SEO people” out there know what I am talking about when I say “authoritative”.

An authoritative website is a website that ranks high on Google. It usually has an aged domain, high traffic and thousands of other people linking back to you and a dominating social presence. Think of it like a popularity contest.

The more people that “vouch” for you (in this case, by linking to you or sharing your content) the more popular, and subsequently, traffic, you get.

The Empower Network blog is currently ranked in the top 200 traffic websites in the USA, according to Alexa. This is completely absurd.

Now let’s take a look at their backlink portfolio, using SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer:

Empower Network SEO

An 87 domain authority is top tier. 1,405 linking domains. Over 13,000 links.

So needless to say, when you get a piece of real estate on an authoritative website, you are going to “rank” more naturally in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) and you are going to get more traffic.

Don’t be blinded with unrealistic expectations. You aren’t going to get viral traffic after your first blog post. It will take time to get momentum, but you will get traffic faster this way than by creating your own blog, especially if your content rocks and you incentivize other people to share or link it.

Did you know that if you were to start your own website today, it would still take 3-6 months before Google did anything with it?

This is called the “sandbox period” and the only workaround for this is to buy an existing domain that has been up for years or find a site that actually lets you blog on it (like Empower Network).

Now, the beautiful thing is the blog you receive is already optimized. Both for traffic (as I just explained) and for conversion purposes.

Empower Network Blog – ‘Conversions’

You see, your private Empower Network blog system comes equipped with professional banner ads that convert your sales for you. When someone clicks on these attractive ads on your blog, it sends them to your leads capture page (note: a leads capture page is a page that is optimized solely for the purpose to harvest an email lead) wherein the sales video becomes “unlocked” after the email is given.

You see how powerful this is?

Click here to own the Empower Network Blog & Receive a ‘Top-Secret’ Lead Generation Training [$499 Value]

You are limited to the responsibility to just blogging on your private EN blog and then the rest is done for you. You build your “list” that you can optimize for your other business(es) and you send people to a powerful sales funnel that converts the sales for you.

You don’t call anyone.

You don’t answer any questions.

You just blog interesting stuff, then you will naturally start converting sales on auto-pilot. Literally, you can blog about anything. I have seen EN blogs about vacuum cleaners to MMA fighters. The key is to be interesting and blog consistently…then promote it.

If you aren’t sharing the content, or promoting it through various web vehicles, you’ll end wasting a lot of time. Affiliates in EN who have been blogging consistently for awhile are already seeing daily commissions being deposited in their account through their blog leads.

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